Four Apps Food and Drink Lovers Should Never Be Without

Our smartphones and tablets have radically altered the way in which we live our lives by bringing an extra element of convenience to everything we do. Whether we’re looking for a quick and easy answer to settle a petty argument or checking up on the latest breaking news over morning coffee, the perpetual access to information has made modern living that much easier, none more so than when it comes to our dining habits.

There are hundreds of apps available to both iOS and Android users, which offer foodies and wine buffs alike access to information regarding the hottest restaurants and bars, and the best recipes. So we’ve gathered together some of our favourites that we think are worth downloading…

Evernote Food

Free on iOS/Android

Whether you’re looking for your new favourite restaurant or a recipe to wow the guests at your next dinner party, Evernote Food acts as your one-stop shop for everything food related.

The app acts as both a cookbook and rolodex of restaurants. It’s split into four sections; Recipes, Cookbook, Restaurants and ‘My Meals’, each of which represent different aspects of your culinary life.

The recipes section allows users to use keywords to scour some of the web’s best food blogs for recipes, each of which are presented with a picture and a link to the recipe, which can be saved into your own personal cookbook.

Meanwhile, restaurants scans your local area and displays all restaurants, takeaways and fast-food establishments in the immediate area, which can be saved to your ‘favourites’ with a simple swipe. If you wish to look for restaurants outside your area, there is also the option to search by location name.

Finally, the ‘My Meals’ section lets users take pictures of their creations and share them with friends over the network.


Free on iOS/Android

BarChick is an award-winning app that ranks some of the best bars in 60 of the biggest cities in the world. The idea behind the app is to direct users towards the drinking holes that have a little more character, class and charm than your generic JD Wetherspoon hovel.

When you first sign up to BarChick you’re asked to input your nearest major city and drink of choice and the app uses these details to pinpoint bars nearby that suit your requirements. It’s a quick, simple and (best of all) free to use, and even has its own ‘BarChick Bargains’ section, which collates any deals in your area, letting you in on happy hours, 2 for 1 deals and more.

Free on iOS/Android

The beer movement has been steadily building steam over the last few years, with more and more drinkers being turned on to the joys of cask ales and craft beers. Untappd is an app that taps (pun very much intended) into this growing fascination with fine beers by focusing on the best beers available in the local area.

The app scans nearby pubs and bars and tells users which beers are currently on tap, the beers can then be ‘tapped’, rated and shared via social media, where friends and followers can ‘toast’ your beverage of choice. You can even search for nearby breweries, earn ‘badges’ and add beers to your ‘wish list’ that you intend to try next.


Free on iOS/Android

Urbanspoon is a pretty ubiquitous app when it comes to restaurant ratings. Indeed, many restaurants can stand and fall on their Urbanspoon score.

It’s an incredibly simple app that exists primarily to help diners find nearby restaurants, but also functions in a manner akin to Trip Advisor, in that once you’ve dined you can leave a rating and review, which other users can use in order to make an informed decision. The app has over one million restaurants on its servers, from dinky little fast food establishments to Michelin star restaurants. The apps standout feature, however, is the ‘shake’ function, which allows you to literally shake your phone to randomise a selection, perfect for the indecisive eaters amongst you.