The Best Themed Restaurants in Japan
Tokyo is a city with a huge and varied population, and the varied demographics in the city are clearly reflected in the sheer number and variety of restaurants that it is home to. There are more than 160,000 restaurants in the city, serving almost every food that you can imagine. The most interesting restaurants, however, are memorable for more than just food. If you thought London had some fantastic themed restaurants then you’ll be astonished by Japan’s offerings.

The Wizard of the Opera


The Wizard of The Opera offers the ultimate in gothic dining, but unlike the Vampire Cafe mentioned later in this list, the Wizard of the Opera is “gothic” in the opera sense. Each meal includes sauces drawn on them to represent musical notation. The smoked-salmon dishes are carved to be shaped like a rose, and desserts include a dish with the word “chocolate” written on them in cursive chocolate.

The Wizard of the Opera is one of many restaurants owned by the Diamond Dining group, but one that is perhaps the most beautiful out of all the restaurants in the chain, with marble tables and opera music playing in the background. It offers a great change of pace from the bustle of Tokyo.

The Moomin Cafe

There are several Moomin Cafes in Tokyo, and most of the branches offer a unique service. If you are dining alone, they will provide you with a dining companion in the form of a life-sized stuffed Moomin. The food that they serve is designed to appeal to Moomin lovers, too, with rice-piles shaped like the loveable characters, and coffee-sprinkles that look like them too. If you ever need to dine alone, then this is the perfect place to go.

Gundam Cafe

Gundam is a 1979 science fiction themed animated series that is popular in Japan and captured the imaginations of those in the western world too. The Gundam Cafe is staffed by female servers who are dressed in Gundam uniforms. There are vintage robots on display, the toilets have giant electronic eyes in them, and there are vegetables carved like the Earth federation insignia served at the venue.


Alcatraz is a theme restaurant and a night hotspot. The restaurant is a cross between The Shining and Rocky Horror Picture Show, and features creatively named menu items such as Dead Chicken. It is decorated with handcuffs and chainsaws, and cocktails are poured through syringes.  Alcatraz attracts large crowds and can be a raucous venue, but it is a great choice for those looking for a party like atmosphere, who enjoy the prison theme. 

The Vampire Cafe

Vampires have always had a special place in our hearts. They are mysterious, exotic, and depending on the literature you read either romantic or scary. The Vampire Cafe has something for lovers of all kinds of vampire – from Twilight style to Dracula. Guests are seated in private booths that are lined with thick velvet drapes. Food is served in bowls shaped like coffins, with edible crucifixes and “blood” like garnishings.