UK Vs USA: How Do You Eat a Burger and Fries?
Had a long week? A burger and fries is the go-to easy-but-tasty dinner option. Entertaining friends? Even the pickiest eater can’t go wrong with a burger (hold the salad, and the sauce, and the cheese) and fries. Want to indulge? Steak burger and triple-cooked fries…

Honestly, who doesn’t love a good burger and portion of fries?

Well, according to a recent survey of the public conducted by the team here at Restaurant Choice (and despite reassurance that we are not going to rat you out to your calorie tracker of choice, personal trainer, or partner) a whopping 34% of UK diners don’t eat burgers and fries compared to just 23% of American respondents.

Those who weren’t lying were more forthcoming about their burger and fries habits let us in on some interesting insights; there are actually three types of burger-eater in the world…

The Isolationist: Eats all of the burger, or all of the fries first before moving on to the other (All burger then all fries/all fries then all burger)

The Mind-Changer: Starts eating either the burger or the fries first, changes their mind halfway and polishes off the other before returning to finish off the remainder of their burger or fries (Some burger, all fries, some burger/some fries, all burger, some fries)

The Alternator: Starts with either the burger or the fries and swaps between the two at regular intervals until the entire meal is consumed (Burger, fries, burger, fries/Fries, burger, fries, burger)

Our research also threw up some interesting statistics about how we eat our burger and fries both at home, and across the pond…
how do you eat your burger and fries

Brits don’t like to mix up their food, with just under a ⅓ of us completing either the burger or the fries first before moving onto the other

In the UK (apart from the massive 34.1% who don’t eat burger and fries?!) we like to partition our meal by eating one component first then the other, what we start with is pretty much even (all fries first: 13.5%, all burger first 14.3% - combined = 27.8%). We’re basically freakish weirdos….

Just under a third of Americans start with the burger and alternate with fries until the meal is finished

In the US, they like to start with the burger and alternate with fries, enjoying the meal like sane human beings (27.5%).
Burger-fries-burger country comparison

In both the US and UK, males are more likely than women to eat the entire burger first before moving onto the fries (US 61.7%, UK 54%).

In the UK males are more likely to be Mindchangers than females with 68.6% burger / 63.4% fries starting with one item then changing their mind to finish the second. In America the split is more even.
How do the UK eat burger and fries?
How do the US eat their burger and fries?

Age is just a number, until a burger and fries is in the mix.

In the US 40.5% of under-35’s like to alternate between their burger and fries evenly In the US, under 35s are mainly alternators, at a whopping 40.5% (19.6% burger / 20.9% fries) of the population, over this age this style of eating continues but there’s more of a swing to starting with the burger (31.5% burger, 12.2% fries). On the other side of the pond, In the UK, under 35s are mainly isolationists, at 33.5% (14.6% burger / 13.6% fries), over this age it tends to even out across the eating styles.

So… how do you eat your burger and fries? Are you an isolationist, a mind-changer, an alternator, or perhaps you don’t eat burger and fries at all (Shhh… we won’t tell if you don’t!)