10 Easy to Make Cocktails
We firmly believe that there’s a cocktail for every occasion, whether that occasion is a sophisticated dinner party for 4, a themed house party or a quiet wind-down after a long week but making them somehow seems like a slightly daunting ask. We know we want a cocktail more sophisticated than a splash of vodka topped with diet coke, but we don’t quite know how to match the flare and skill of the magical mixologists you find hiding behind your favourite bar.

Our list of 10 easy-to-make cocktails features something for everyone, whether you want a fruity lil’ number or a long aromatic tipple our animated cocktail creations couldn’t be easier to follow.

We’ve had the pleasure of picking the brains of some super talented expert bloggers and they’ve come up with some fabulously unusual concoctions to wow your guests or to enjoy whilst watching TV in your slippers!

You’ll find how-to-videos, tips from the experts, recipes and a short history of the cocktail – just in case you were wondering where your drink comes from.

You can view all of the cocktail recipes here

If you do make any of the cocktails at home, don’t forget to send us a picture! You can tweet us @Rest_Choice. If you prefer to have someone else do the mixing and shaking, you might be interested in our gift cards for restaurants, which can be used towards both your food and drinks bill! Make mine a double…

Header image by Adam Jaime via Unsplash