UK Vs Food: The Nation's Biggest Food Challenges
Ever wanted to take part in some of the biggest food eating challenges? Do you think you have what it takes to beat the record or win an undefeated challenge? This article consists of the biggest food challenges happening in the UK now!

The Beast

The title says it all – This burger really is a beast! The challenge, at Blacks Burgers on Brighton Road in Croydon, consists of eating a beef burger, chips and a milkshake, sounds easy, right?  Alongside 1 full sized milkshake (containing 2 scoops of dairy ice-cream) and 1lb of chips you’ll have to demolish the 7lb angus beef burger containing half lb. of mature cheddar, 7 rashes of bacon, 1 whole lettuce and 7 whole tomatoes in only an hour! If successful you get the burger free and your picture on the restaurants hall of fame; if you fail, you have to pay for the meal (costing £60) and your picture is placed on the restaurants loser wall.

The Kidz Breakfast

This obscene challenge can be found in Jesters Diner, Great Yarmouth. Customers get the meal for £15 but if the challenge is completed they get it for free. This breakfast isn’t a breakfast for children; it’s called ‘Kidz Breakfast’ as it weighs a whopping 10lb, which is the same as a small child. This mouth-watering breakfast consists of the following: 12 rashers of bacon, 12 sausages, 6 eggs, 4 slices of black pudding, 4 slices of bread and butter, 4 slices of toast, 4 slices of fried bread, 2 hash browns, 8 egg-cheese and potato omelettes, sautĂ© potatoes, mushrooms, beans and tomatoes.This challenge, as of yet, is left undefeated.

60oz. Steak Challenge

Apache Spur in Aberdeen produces the biggest meal in Scotland. This challenge consists of the customer eating a 64oz. steak with a side of onion rings, chips or a baked potato in only an hour. If the customer is successful they’ll get the meal for free (£59.99). Apache Spur launched the challenge in October 2009 and it is still running today! 20 customers have tried the steak challenge, only 2 were successful. Have you got what it takes?

Sink the Titanic

In Goburrito, Lancaster, you’ll find the burrito challenge. This challenge consists of the customer demolishing a whopping 6lb, 3 foot burrito with nachos in just 30 minutes. Many have boarded this ship with will and determination but all have miserably stayed afloat; only one chap has actually managed to sink the titanic but did so in 37 minutes. If a customer succeeds you get your photo on the restaurants wall, a meal voucher, certificate, a t-shirt and you get the ‘sink the titanic’ burrito meal free.

69oz. Mixed Grill

The Sizzle and Grill Steakhouse in Cardiff offers the customers a chance to beat the grill with their 69oz mixed grill challenge. This challenge is bound to put you off meat for life (or for a long time anyway), it consists of: 1 x 2oz steak, 2 x 12oz gammon, 3 x 8oz lamb chop, 2 x 10oz pork chop, ½ chicken, 4 sausages, 2 eggs, mushrooms, peas, side salad  and a bowl of chips costing £29.95. If customers completely finish this meat feast in an hour the entire meal is free along with a free t-shirt and your picture up on the restaurants challenge wall. Can you do it?


Have you tried any of these awesomely crazy challenges? We want to know, which challenge, what you had to do, and where you did it; answer in the box below.