Heston’s Craziest Recipes

Heston Blumenthal is one of the most recognised and famous chefs in the world. Heston’s rise to fame has come through his love of weird and wonderful recipes and cooking techniques that caught the eye of critics, food lovers and eventually, British television fans.

Whether it’s his use of Liquid Nitrogen or an exploding oven, his 10 foot ice creams or his edible cutlery, Heston’s rule-breaking and unconventional antics have made him one of the most talked about chefs on the planet and has caught the eye of millions.

Regardless of what side of the ‘food genius or food criminal’ fence you’re on, you can’t help but take note of his unusual dishes. Here are some of Heston’s craziest recipes.

Ice Cream Pork Pie

Most of us would never even consider combining ice cream and pie pastry, but most of us aren’t Heston Blumenthal… For his Channel 4 series ‘Fantastical Food’, Heston surprised his celebrity diners when he disguised their ice cream desserts as a pork pie.

Using Liquid Nitrogen to create ‘ice cream mince meat’, Heston replaced the meat within the pie with ice cream and also swapped the tableware for edible alternatives.




Edible Fairy Lights

Christmas is a great time of year for eating good food and filling your house with fun decorations. In 2012 Heston found a way of combining food and decorations together by creating edible fairy lights.

Using real LED fairy lights, this recipe is one of the craziest and most creative ideas that Heston has come up with; the stuff of dreams when you’re a child!

Learn how to make your own edible fairy lights here!


Snail Porridge

This is one of the least-appetising sounding recipes that Heston has come up with, admitting himself that you have to get passed the name before you can appreciate the recipe.

As unappealing as this recipes sounds, Heston does go on to say that it is crammed with herbs and spices that provide plenty of flavour and make it taste a lot nicer than it sounds.




Meat Fruit

Again, in a bid to surprise his celebrity friends in the ‘Fantastical Food’ series, Heston created Meat Fruit. Hollowing out various fruits and replacing the inner contents with meat, the celebrities were both shocked and pleasantly surprised to realise that the fruit they were eating, was actually meat.

Egg and Bacon Ice Cream

They say that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Well, not according to Heston. Bacon and eggs are loved all around the world, and of course, so is ice cream, but combining the two sounds like a literal recipe for disaster.

Before he was a familiar household name way back in 2007, Heston introduced us to Egg and Bacon Ice Cream, stating that it was the most controversial dish on his menu at the time. You can see why people started to become curious about his creations!

Giant Pork Scratching

The pork scratching is classic pub snack, which has divided opinion for many years. When Heston went onto ITV’s This Morning back in November 2012, he took some of his foods with him, including the ‘great big pork scratching’.

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield seemed to be greatly impressed with Heston’s giant pub snack.



Lickable Wall paper

Heston’s guests were surprised to learn that their dessert was actually on the walls, but when they started to taste the wall paper, the were left wanting more!

This ideas is something that sounds like it’s come straight out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Again, this is something that you’d dream of having when you were a child.



One-Bite Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips is a well-loved British tradition and is one of the few meals that we Brits can truly call our own.

During his Great British Food Series, Heston set out to capture all that’s great about fish and chips in just one bite. Combining a range of foods from the chip shop menu, Heston threw it all together to create One-Bite Fish and Chips.