How to Put Together a Food Hamper

Food is the ultimate comfort. It’s an indulgence that we fall back on for any occasion, and the love of food transcends season or functionality – comfort food is always there! Sweet treats, savory morsels and jars and bottles of yumminess bring us all together in the nicest way, and we cannot think of anything nicer than sending a hamper for someone to enjoy.

To retreat to the kitchen and whip up something you know will bring a smile to someone’s face is as therapeutic as baking or making something for yourself – enjoying a glass of wine (or a cheeky gin and tonic, in our case) whilst doing it always helps as well.

So, you know you want to give a food hamper to that lucky someone, but what do you put in it?

You can always go for a themed version, try Christmas, Birthday or Gluten Free as a theme. Or perhaps they have particular love for a certain food – if they love chocolate try a chocolate theme, or a cheese theme for those us without much of a sweet tooth.



Top Tips for Putting Together a Food Hamper


+ Etsy, and eBay are always worth a look for special little touches that will make the difference. You can pick up amazing hand drawn gift tags, the prettiest organza ribbons and for an extra few pounds you can usually get gift tags and cards personalized! You can buy shredded tissue paper in metallic colors and really unusual shaped confetti such as little fairies which can all be placed at the bottom of the hamper to make it that extra bit more impressive.

+ Most large towns and cities have fantastic Indian, Caribbean, Asian and Eastern European supermarkets. They really are a treasure trove to any type of foodie.

+ International supermarkets tend to be a fraction of the price of supermarkets and often have items that are so authentic you’ll be dammed if you know what they are – but that’s where most of the fun is!

+ Asian supermarkets are brilliant for soy sauces, marinades, vinegars and sushi making equipment and a local Indian supermarket will provide you with every spice you could wish for as well as some dainty little Indian sweets usually with evaporated milk and almonds.

+ Making bread may seem like a treacherous task, but in reality, all you need is 4 ingredients and a little elbow Ask the bakery in your local supermarket for some fresh yeast and they usually hand out around 100 grams for free! (That’s usually enough for 5 loaves!)

Don't forget, you can always add in a gift voucher or two, too...