The Most Expensive Restaurants in the World
You’ll never look at your food bill the same way again after exploring what you can expect to pay at some of the world’s most expensive restaurants!

1. Alain Ducasse as Plaza Athenee (Paris, France)

It’s easy to understand the draw of this particular restaurant, since it is run by a world-renowned chef! Alain Ducasse’s signature French cuisine dishes are sure to impress, and he draws in diners from around the world, each paying as much as £200 for the privilege.

2. Ithaa (Maldives)

As you would expect from a restaurant featured on a list of the world’s most expensive dining establishments, the food at Ithaa is spectacular, but what really draws people in is the location. Ithaa is located 5 meters under the surface of the sea with a 180 degree view of coral gardens on one side. The menu includes caviar and yellow tail king fish. A four-course meal costs around £75.

3. Solo Per Due (Italy)

Solo Per Due is the perfect place to take your spouse for a big anniversary celebration. This unique dining establishment offers the ultimate in personal service, because it accepts just two diners at a time. Every meal is tailored specially for the diners. Prices start at 225Euros per person (excluding drinks), and the exclusive nature of the establishment means that you should reserve well in advance!

4. Kitcho (Kyoto, Japan)

Kitcho is renowned among foodies as being the ultimate dining experience in Japan, especially if you are looking for traditional Japanese cuisine.  This restaurant is the most expensive three Michelin-star rated restaurant in the world. It was founded by Teiichi Yuki in 1930, and is run by his grandson and award-winning chef, Kunio Tokuoka, today. For $1,200, diners get a private room, service that is faultless even by the already high Japanese standards, and freshly prepared food made with the highest quality ingredients. Diners come from all over the world to experience Japanese hospitality, so book early to be sure of a room.

5. Masa (New York, USA)

If you love sushi, but aren’t planning a trip to Japan in the near future, the next best thing is Masa in New York, USA. Masa is another three-Michelin star holding restaurant. Don’t let the location – a humble shopping mall – fool you, Masa is a true sushi temple. Ingredients are flown in from Japan every day, ensuring that owners get the best and most authentic Japanese dining experience, prepared by an award winning chef. Expect to pay $500 per meal. Masa is a small establishment, capable of seating just 26 guests at a time, so it pays to call in advance to reserve a table.

6. Schloss Schauenstein (Furstenau, Switzerland)

Schloss Schauenstein was ranked in the top 50 restaurants in the world in 2013. A meal here is a true dining experience including three Michelin Star rated food prepared by award winning chef Andreas Caminada, served in a stunning 12th century castle. The traditional Swiss cuisine is as pleasing to the palate as the view is to the eye. This restaurant is on the more affordable end of exclusive, too, costing a mere $269 per head,

7. El Bulli (Spain)

This exclusive Spanish restaurant is open for just six months of the year, and places at the head chef’s unique 30 course dining opportunities are highly sought after. Every year, these $400 a-head tasting sessions get half a million enquiries for reservations. This is a testament to Ferran Adria’s skill and creativity, as regular diners wait enthusiastically to discover what Adria will come up with for the next season. The restaurant closed down, ostensibly for good, in 2011, but there are plans for it to re-open in 2014.

8. De Librije (Zwolle, Netherlands)

This contemporary, modern restaurant serves inventive seasonal dishes inspired by traditional Dutch cuisine. The restaurant is run by head chef Jonnie Boer and this wife, Therese. This three Michelin star restaurant became a huge success because of the “little touches” that they provide, such as placing a plate of bread proving on the table, which is baked when you sit down for your meal. If you want a dining experience that caters to your every need, then a visit to De Librije is $290 well spent.