Extravagent Easter: Nine of the Best Luxury Easter Eggs

Easter is just around the corner and this year there is no short supply of beautiful and extravagant chocolate gifts. Here’s a look at a selection of the finest luxury eggs, from delicate handcrafted pieces to playful picks for children.

Fortnum & Mason – Hand Decorated Milk Chocolate Egg

Price: £39.95

Available at: fortnumandmason.com

This adorable handcrafted egg is one of the simplest yet most beautiful choices on offer this year. Created with Tercentenary-blend milk chocolate and filled with chocolate shapes, this is a great buy for anyone who likes their Easter eggs simple and traditional with a dash of luxury.



Charbonnel et Walker – English Rose & Violet Cream Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Price: £35.00

Available at: charbonnel.co.uk

This is the perfect Easter treat for those who like to indulge in rich dark chocolate and beautiful floral flavours. Luxuriously presented and packaged, this egg follows the current trend of filling an egg with decadent surprises.



The Chocolate Society – Gravity White Chocolate Egg

Price: £25

Available at: chocolate.co.uk

For the white chocolate lover, The Chocolate Society have created this stunning yet simple Gravity Egg. This work of art is created with fine Valrhona chocolate and is accompanied by white chocolate truffles. The egg also comes in other varieties of chocolate, each equally as beautiful and unusual.



Trebuchet – Giant Chocolate Rabbit

Price: £39.99

Available at: selfridges.com

This quirky little guy is sure to be a hit with any child this Easter. Made from fine milk chocolate, this egg weighs in at almost 800 grams, making it a perfect present for a family to share.

Artisan du Chocolat

Price: £26.99

Available at: artisanduchocolat.com

If you’re looking for a quirky and unique egg this Easter, look no further than Artisan du Chocolat’s tropical inspired eggs. Shaped like carved coconut cocktails, these eggs are adorned with edible orchid, candied orange and a bamboo straw. Cheers!



Bettys Riverbank Egg

Price: £75.00

Available at: bettys.co.uk

This incredible handcrafted egg depicts a springtime scene complete with otter, mushrooms and moss. This is a truly covetable Easter gift and only 25 have been created, so if you want to indulge in this delightful little work of art you should order early.



Booja-Booja Fine de Champagne Large Easter Egg

Price: £22.99

Available at: ocado.com

Buying dairy free, gluten free or organic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice looks this Easter with this stunning offering from Booja-Booja. These hand painted and varnished eggs contain dark chocolate and Organic Fine de Champagne truffles which add a touch of luxury.