Record-Breaking Food: The Five Biggest Snacks of All Time

Most of us love pizza, burgers and chocolate bars, but do you love them enough to take on these record breaking offerings? Everyone from Kellog’s to Thornton’s has tried their hand at making mammoth meals. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the most interesting “world’s largest” foods.

The World's Biggest Pizza


The biggest pizza in the world was made in Italy in December 2013. The pizza weighed 25.6 tons, and had a gluten free base. The pizza required 19,800 pounds of flour, 8,800 pounds of mozzarella chees, 10,000 pounds of tomato sauce, and 1,488 pounds of margarine. It was made using a gluten free recipe, and shattered the previous record set in the 1990s. The pizza took two days to bake, and the record breaking attempt was organized by Dr. Schar, a company that specializes in making gluten free foods.

The record for biggest commercially available pizza is held by Big Mamma’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in the USA. This record was set in 2010, and anyone can buy the record breaking pizza, as long as they give 24 hours notice. The pizza comes on a square 1.37m base, and you can choose your own toppings. They even deliver, although getting the pizza through your doorway might be interesting.

The World's Biggest Bowl of Cereal

Kellogs produced a 2.6 metre wide, 1.6 metres deep cereal bowl, and filled it with an entire tonne of cornflakes (plus milk), as part of a publicity stunt for South Africa’s National Breakfast Week. Hopefully they didn’t top it with sugar!


The World's Largest Omelette

On August 11th 2012, chefs in Ferreira do Zezere City, Santarem, Portugal made the world’s largest omelette. The omelette require 145,000 eggs (all of which were free range, apparently!), along with 220lbs of butter and 880lbs of oil. Once it was finished, the dish weighed in at 14,225lbs and 6 ounces.


The World's Biggest Chocolate Bar

Thornton’s has the honour of having made the biggest chocolate bar in the world. The chocolate bar weight 5,792.5KG, or just over 12,770 tonnes. It took ten hours to pour the buckets of chocolate into the mould, and making the bar was a collaborative effort requiring 50 people. Assuming that this chocolate bar is made out of the same kind of chocolate as their standard Easter egg, there are 31,395,350 calories in that monstrous bar of chocolate. That’s enough calories to sustain someone on a 2,000 calories a day diet for 43 years!


The World's Biggest Burger

The world’s biggest hamburger  was made by the Black Bear Casino Resort in Calrton, Minnesota. The burger weighs 2,014 lbs, and is topped with 52.5lbs of tomato, 50lbs of lettuce, 60lbs of onion, 19lbs of pickles, 40lbs of cheese and 16.5lbs of bacon. This record was set in September 2012, decimating the previous record of 777lb. The previous record was set by a restaurant in Oregon, who still own the record for the biggest commercially available burger.