Six Fictional Film and TV Menus That Should Be Real...

Here at Restaurant Choice if there’s one thing we love, it’s food! From fine-dining to faster than the speed of light, there’s not a dish that we’ve met that we didn’t like. As we’re also huge film and TV fans too, it was only a matter of time before we combined our two passions.

It’s been a while since we had any pun… we mean, fun. After taking a swing at the Top 250 films on IMBd and turning them in to hilarious food movie puns we thought it was about thyme(!) to set our team another food-pun challenge. Picking some of our favourite films and TV shows from Star Wars to Toy Story, we’ve created a series of menus that we think you could find gracing the tables of some of your favourite fictitious dining establishments.

Qui-con gin and tonic, anyone? Or perhaps a Philosopher’s Scone with jam and cream? Browse the menus and pick your favourites…

Menu at The Three Broomsticks (Harry Potter)

Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? Us too…Whilst we were patiently awaiting the arrival of a fine feathered friend, we started to daydream about what delights we might find on the menu of our soon-to-be local dining establishment, The Three Broomsticks.

The Menu at the The Broomsticks

Perhaps not to everyone’s tastes, but the Lemon and Herb Pottered Crabbe drizzled with Olive Goyle is a delicious dense starter. Follow it with a Rib Eye Snape and Chips cooked to your liking; Sirius-ly black or half bloody. Of course, no wizarding world menu would be complete without the iconic Pumpkin Pastie. Flaky pastry filled with spiced pumpkin accompanied by a tankard of chilled Butterbeer will keep the nargles away for sure. For those with a sweet tooth, who could resist a Philosopher’s Scone served with clotted cream and ruby red strawberry jam?

Krusty Burger Menu from The Simpsons

How could you possibly pass up the opportunity to sample one of Krusty the Clown’s famous Krusty Burgers? Especially when he promises to “spit into every fiftieth burger”? We like those odds!

Krusty Burger Menu

his is fast food, Springfield-style. Krusty Burger is a carnivore’s heaven. Ribheads will rejoice at the return of the infamous Ribwich. Available for a limited time only due to extinction issues, this abomination boasts letter-graded meat, BBQ sauce and no lettuce for a unique taste experience. For those that dare, the Guatemalan Insanity Peppers* favoured by police chief Wiggum also make an appearance.

Fret not, vegetable lovers! The Mother Nature Burger is back on the menu and is officially rat-free since 2009! Made with real Ogdenville, wheat-fed barley, there’s now only a small chance of food-poisoning. Yay!

*Krusty Burger will not be held responsible for any hallucinations or internal damage as a result of consuming these peppers.

The Mos Eisley Cantina Menu from Star Wars


“The Mos Eisley Spaceport. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy”… possibly, but we think the infamous Cantina might serve up a pretty decent rack of Uncle Owen’s Barbecue Ribs.

Do you ever find yourself wondering what a visiting Jedi could expect to find on the menu of this popular drinking and dining establishment? Then feast your eyes on this:

Mos Eisley Cantina Mockup 
With a galaxy-spanning menu, diners won’t find the lack of choice disturbing. Enjoy cuisine ranging from fresh Mon Calamari Rings to their catch-of-the-day Nabooan Gooberfish – in fact we think there’s something to please both sides of the force. And you can wash it all down with a delicious glass of blue milk, or a Qui-Gon gin and tonic, whilst tapping your toes along to the famous Cantina Band. Just remember – they don’t serve droids!

The Menu at Jack Rabbit Slim's Diner in Pulp Fiction

Just returned from your latest trip to Europe and need to take your boss’s’ wife out to dinner? It’s an unlikely scenario, we’ll admit, but if you had to, wouldn’t you want to go to Jack Rabbit Slim’s Diner? Whilst we only got a little peek at the menu in the film, we couldn’t help but wonder what else you might find on those laminated pages…

The menu at Jack Rabbit Slim's

Rub shoulders with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Buddy Holly as you cosy up in one of the tail-finned classic car-turned-booths and peruse the menu. You won’t find any “Quarter-pounders with cheese” on this menu. No, no. At Jack Rabbit Slims you’ll find the Parisian-inspired Le Royale with cheese and French fries served European style; with mayonnaise. Other mains include the Douglas Sirk Steak cooked to your liking; fried-to-a-crisp or bloody-as-hell as well as the Big Kahuna Burger, a steal at just $11.

If you just gotta know what a five dollar shake tastes like, then here’s your chance. We don’t put bourbon in it or nothin’; yummy!

Fun Fact: Epicurious made a round-up of all the recipes in Pulp Fiction, so you can make them at home!

The Pizza Planet Menu from Toy Story

The Pizza Planet delivery truck has appeared in numerous Pixar films over the years, but what about the menu? Whilst you can enjoy a slice of Pizza Planet action at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Florida and Disneyland Paris, we thought we’d try our hands at making our own pun-tastic Pizza Planet Menu…

The menu at Pizza Planet 

Pizza is the only food group here on Pizza Planet. Choose your toppings, sides, and drinks and settle in for a space-tacular evening. You can’t go wrong with the classic Hamm and Pineapple, Barbie-Q Chicken and Tex-Rex combinations. Wash it down with a Mega Gulp or Alien Slime, if you’re feeling brave. The Mr Potato Head Fries come highly recommended, as does the evil Zurg Burger (not made with real Emperor Zurg).

The Menu at Central Perk from Friends


In 236 episodes of the cult sitcom Friends, the… Friends… share a total of 152 meals together.

Blueberry muffins, bagels, and cinnamon sticks with erasers aside, we wondered what else would grace the menu of Central Perk?

The menu at Central Perk 

Listen to the sultry tones of Miss Phoebe Buffay whilst you wrap your hands around a steaming hot cup of Mocklate. To wash the taste of evil out of your mouth, why not try one of our amazing turkey sandwiches? With an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle, the “Moist-Maker” is so good that you might even say it’s the best thing in your life. If you’re in no rush to get back to work, Rachel’s Trifle is a true test for food-lovers. A sweet treat with a beefy secret, you’ll either hate it, or hate it.

Fun Fact: Laughing Squid editor Andrew Rea went ahead and made the infamous Moistmaker from scratch, no less! Monica would be proud.