Top Apps for Restaurant-Goers

Going for an evening meal with friends is always fun, but there are some typical sticking points. How much will you tip? How will you split the bill? Can you fit the meal into your diet? These handy apps will solve those problems, as well as some others, making your next night out as fun as it can possibly be.

1. Divvy


Divvy is an iOS app that makes it really easy to split restaurant bills with your friends. Unlike other bill-splitting apps, Divvy doesn’t require any typing or complex calculations. Simply take a photograph of the bill, and then drag and drop each item on the bill to the person who will be paying for it. This app costs $0.99, but it’s well worth it as a time saver, and to prevent those inevitable “I only had a salad”, and “I didn’t drink any wine” arguments.

2. Tip Calculator


The only thing more divisive than figuring out who should pay for what is deciding how much to tip. Tip Calculator for iOS is a free app that helps you work out the amount that you should tip. Simply enter the bill, the tip rate, the tax amount, and the size of your party, and the app will show you the amount to tip before and after tax. This app isn’t just useful for restaurants, it also offers tip suggestions for other service industries, including hotels, casinos, barbers and cruise ships.

3. Eat This, Not That


Eat This, Not That is a premium Android and iOS devices. This app is a must-have for anyone who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle. The app costs $4.99, and contains detailed menu information for a huge list of restaurants, including high-end eateries and fast food places.  Simply select a restaurant, and you’ll see some tips for what not to eat, and what you should choose instead. In addition to restaurant suggestions, the app can also be used to choose healthier alternatives to food at supermarkets. If you hate eating out because you feel like it always sabotages your diet, then this app is a great choice.

4. Pair It


Pair It is a premium app for Android and iOS devices. It costs $4.99, but it’s well worth the money if you’re a wine lover or you want to impress someone who is. Pair It aims to answer the question of what kind of wine to have with each meal. The app contains more than 20,000 different food and wine pairings, helping wine lovers to discover great tasting new combinations, and wine novices avoid food faux pas.

5. Roqbot


Roqbot is a relatively new iOS and Android app. This app is free for end-users, although businesses must pay a subscription fee to support it. When you visit a Roqbot supporting venue (for example a night club or a restaurant), you can load up Roqbot and see the name of the song that is currently playing, along with the name of the person who selected it. You can also see a list of pending songs, and vote to say whether or not you want to hear those songs.

The most popular songs bubble to the top, while less popular songs move down to the bottom of the playlist. If you’re a music lover, then this app will make your days out much more enjoyable, as you will have a say in what gets played at your chosen venues. Instead of having to put up with the latest pop tunes you can downvote the ones you’ve heard a few too many times on the radio, and have those classics that you love come on more often. What’s more fun than vote-bombing the playlist selection so that “Your Song” comes on when you’re out for a meal with your friends?

6. Foodspotting


Foodspotting is a free app for iOS that helps you to find great places to eat. Unlike traditional review apps, Foodspotting doesn’t focus on restaurants, but on dishes themselves. Users review dishes by taking photographs of them and adding a review. When you open the app it detects your location and shows you pictures of foods from nearby. If you see something you like the look of, tap it to get directions to the place that served it.

Did we include your favourite? Let us know!