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In 1987, Nando's opened their very first restaurant in Rosettenville in Johannesburg, South Africa. They’ve come a long way from their humble beginnings to become a household name loved by everyone.

If you’re not familiar with the Nando’s experience, now’s the perfect time to change that. If you’re the lucky owner of a Restaurant Choice gift card, then you’re also the proud owner of a Nando’s gift card, too, which can mean only one thing; time for a cheeky Nando’s!

Each Nando’s restaurant has a slightly different design but the same relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Decorated with a fusion of Portuguese and South African influences, you’ll find bold patterns on the wall, comfortable seating and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Barci, their signature cockerel.

The famous Nando’s chicken is marinated in their delicious PERi PERi, which is made with fresh lemon, garlic, onion and a blend of herbs and spices including their very own PERi PERi chilli. The origins of their PERi PERi sauce dates back to Portuguese settlers in South Africa being introduced to the magic of PERi PERi chicken by the indigenous people. Fast-forward to the present day and we have Nando’s, supplying us with our favourite grilled chicken dishes with a touch of Portuguese and South African flavours.

A chicken lover’s heaven, choose from fillet burgers and wraps, chicken wings or even a flame-grilled whole chicken, marinated and cooked in that famous Nando’s PERi PERi. Select your level of spiciness (from barely-there heat to the extra hot throat scorcher) and your delicious sides (everything from grilled halloumi and spicy rice to chargrilled veg and chips) and you’re ready to go. With vegetarian and children’s options, Nando’s truly has something for everyone. Check with your local Nando’s about halal options.

If you’re looking for a delicious bite to eat in a relaxed environment, then Nando’s is the perfect choice, every time for every occasion. Below you’ll find a list of all the Nando’s restaurants where you can use your Restaurant Choice gift card as a Nando’s gift card and use it to pay part, or all, of your bill. Don’t forget you can also use our handy restaurant finder to discover other restaurants near you. 

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