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YO! are all about delivering fresh, flavoursome, and authentic Japanese cuisine and sushi in a fun and lively atmosphere. Founded in 1997, YO! now has around 77 restaurants spread up and down the country, and many more internationally, too.

If you’ve not been to YO! before, then you’re in for a treat. Step through the doors and you’ll be welcomed in to a small slice of Japan. Each restaurant has a slightly different design, but the key features remain the same; comfortable seating, bright colours, freshly-prepared food, and, how could we forget to mention the iconic conveyor belt.

Take a seat either in one of the booths, or pull up a stool and sit at the bar at the edge of the conveyor belt, and get ready to get stuck in! In front of you, you’ll find a menu listing all of the delicious dishes to choose from. There are two ways to YO! You can either choose plates from the belt, or push the little button on your table and order exactly what you want straight from the menu. You can also order dishes such as ramen and the sumo bowls, which are made fresh when ordered.

The chefs are constantly cooking up fresh dishes; when they’re ready, they pop them on the conveyor belt which whizzes past you. Getting started is easy; just grab a plate off the belt that tickles your fancy, and get stuck in! Each plate is a different colour, and each colour refers to a price.

If you thought that YO! just served fish, then think again. Yes, you will find plenty of sushi dishes on the menu including sashimi (fresh slices of fish or meat) as well as salmon nigiri (thinly-sliced Scottish salmon atop a rice block with a dash of wasabi), Albacore tuna (seared tuna topped with truffle ponzu and spring onions), and the soft-shell crab rolls with pickled ginger, yuzu tobiko and sweet chilli mayo, but there are also plenty of vegetable and meat dishes, too.

Some of our favourite dishes include the hoisin duck rolls, spicy chicken katsu curry, vegetable fried rice, beef teriyaki, pumpkin katsu, pork belly steamed buns, furikake fries, dumpling miso ramen, chicken gyoza… you get the point.

It would be a crime not to mention the traditional desserts to finish off with. The custard Dorayaki is a firm favourite with the Restaurant Choice team, but be sure to give the mochi, and cheesecake a whirl, too. Wash it all down with Japanese beer or glass of sake and you’ve got the perfect Japanese dining experience!

So for something a little different, why not give YO! a try? Our gift cards can be used at any YO! restaurant nationwide; to find your nearest restaurant, use search restaurants near you here. 

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