Must-Visit Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Birmingham

For those of us making the effort to eat a little more ethically, restaurants can be a chore. Being forced to chow down on the umpteenth red-onion-and-goats-cheese-tart at every get together is enough to put one off eating out ever again! Fortunately, the tide is turning in favour of the meat-averse, and high-quality herbivore-friendly eateries are cropping up across the country. There exist a raft of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Birmingham, in particular. Let’s take a look at them!


This all-conquering Japanese-inspired chain can be found in three-locations around the city centre. There’s the one just outside the Bullring shopping centre, the one in Brindley Place, and the one just off the end of New Street. Each provides a fantastic vegetarian menu, composed on the premise that ‘meat-free shouldn’t mean taste-free’. Yasai pad-thai and steamed gyoza abound – making this stylish chain an obvious choice for those looking for vegetarian restaurants in Birmingham.

The Warehouse Café

This little eatery’s gastronomic roots grow a little closer to home. From their red-brick premises, just around the corner from Moor Street station, the staff at the Warehouse Café provide an entirely vegetarian menu – even the beers and wines have been carefully selected to exclude the slightest trace of animal involvement. Pop by on Sundays, and you’ll be able to tuck into a vegan-friendly roast dinner!


1847 is a must-visit if you’re looking for vegan restaurants in Birmingham city centre. It’s easily reached by train – head into the Great Western (the little tunnel of shops just across the street) as you emerge from Snow Hill station. The menu incorporates huge amounts of local seasonal produce, and is named after the year that the Vegetarian Society first formed.  Its vegetarian credentials are, therefore, in little doubt – and it’s counted amongst the best vegan restaurants in Birmingham.

The Old Mosely Arms

If you take a walk through Birmingham, you’ll never be far away from the sort of pub that’s shaped Britain’s culinary image abroad. But the Old Mosely Arms is a little different from the average British pub, being amongst the standout restaurants in Birmingham with good vegetarian options. There’s a traditional tandoor oven in the kitchen, and a trio of experienced chefs who know how to extract the best from it. The menu is crammed with edible plants, prepared in a way that’ll please lovers of all things spicy and charred.

The Rose Villa Tavern

The Rose Villa Tavern can count itself among the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Birmingham jewellery quarter. You’ll find stained glass, union-jack bunting, and lime-green tiling in abundance, alongside a menu that’s heavy on American classics and a bar that’s armed with more than a hundred different sorts of vodka. You’ll find plenty of meatless alternatives to popular snacks, including fried cauliflower ‘flings’ which substitute nicely for chicken wings.


Bodega is a little South-American cantina on Bennet’s Hill. It’s bursting with character – but it’s the cocktail menu that really stands out, with two handcrafted (and seriously strong) cocktails being available for eight pounds at certain parts of the day – and all day on Thursdays. Pair that with a few frijoles and some dirty rice from the vegan menu and you’ve a recipe for a fantastic time!


Birmingham is widely regarded as the birthplace of the British curry – and it’s home to an enormous Indian community. With vegetarianism being so widespread on the subcontinent, this family-run establishment’s status as the city’s only Indian vegetarian restaurant might come as something of a surprise. The menu comprises fifteen starters and seventy-two mains, and they’re a step apart from the usual curry-house fare. You’ll find Jyoti’s a little out of town, toward the Solihull end of Stratford Road. The food more than justifies the trip!

Not Dogs

Not Dogs is an all-veggie fast food joint, to be found on Link Street, just outside the Bullring shopping centre. It provides an alternative to the nearby Five Guys and Burger King, and enjoys a unique status as one of the only fast-food restaurants in Birmingham with vegan options available. These options include classic hot dogs and burgers that have been given a contemporary, veggie-friendly twist. You’ll be able to eat-in or grab something to go – and you need only ask to have your vegetarian meal made vegan-friendly.

The Veggie Chippy

Fish ‘n’ chips is a national delicacy – but it’s one that’s often denied to vegetarians. Even the average chippy’s chips are often cooked in animal fat, rendering them strictly off limits. Fortunately, the Veggie Chippy offers an alternative – you’ll get outdoor seating and a 100% meat-free menu.


Café Soya

Despite what the name might suggest, Café Soya isn’t a café – it’s a Chinese restaurant that specialises in vegetarian alternatives to the classics. With that said, there are meaty options available, too – and so it’s a great place for carnivores and herbivores to break open a wonton or two.

Cedar Lebanese Food

The cuisine of Lebanon is gaining a foothold in this part of the world, and that’s thoroughly fantastic news for the nation’s vegetarians. No longer do herbivores need to scour a menu in search of a vegetarian alternative; in restaurants like Cedar, on Mary Street, you’ll find delicacies like tabbouleh, hummus and falafel served up regularly, alongside a few choice shawarmas for meat-eaters.

Cherry Reds

Cherry Reds is a two-strong chain of restaurants based in Birmingham, with their more central location to be found in John Bright Street, just a short walk from New Street Station. Their food is unashamedly simple, and provides for a range of diets. Check out the Thai tofu cakes on the sweet chili and potato salad!

We’ve listed a few of our favourite vegan and vegetarian restaurants in the country’s second city, and hope you love them just as much as we do. If this wasn’t what you were looking for, perhaps our round of the best romantic restaurants for a date or restaurants in Birmingham for large parties will tickle your fancy?