The Best of Bristol's Lunch Deals

During the working week, most of us only get an hour for lunch (if we're lucky), so it's important to make sure you're making the most of your time. Simply put; you don't want to spend a small fortune on a big meal, only to have to wolf it down in 5 minutes and return to the office with a serious case of indigestion. At the weekend too, lunch is often a comfortable stop-gap meal that you don't want to go all-out on.
Bristol is a city that's wealthy with culture, but it's also a culinary goldmine. It is also, however, a city with a reputation for being quite expensive when it comes to dining out. Whoever started that rumour obviously wasn't looking in the right places! If you know where to look, there are bountiful lunch deals in Bristol to be found and enjoyed. Here, we'll be highlighting a few of the more popular deals.
Beerd (157 – 159 St Michael's Hill, BS2 8DB)
£5 for a 9” Pizza
As the name suggests, Beerd is a restaurant and bar that's all about the craft beer. It's also, however, one of the city's most popular pizza restaurants, with an exhaustive menu of hand-stretched pizzas on offer. The toppings here range from white truffle and smoked beef brisket to chorizo and goat's cheese. Pizza Hut, this ain't. The truly epic lunch deal of £5 for a 9” pizza (and the fact it's located so close to the Bristol Uni campus) means the restaurant is always busy at lunchtime, but the service is snappy and you won't find a better pizza for this price anywhere else in the South-East.
The Real Greek (84A Glass House, Cabot Circus, BS1 3BX)
£8.50 Lunch Menu
£8.50 for a lunch menu this good is simply unbelievable, particularly given the location of this popular Greek restaurant. Located in the heart of the busy Cabot Circus entertainment district in Bristol city centre, The Real Greek recreates the relaxed atmosphere of classic Greek dining in both its décor and its food. Spicy grilled skewers, intensely flavourful marinated meats and both hot and cold meze platters are very much the order of the day here.  Much of it is included on the lunch menu, which offers a unique mix and match approach that means you could dine here every day of the week and enjoy a completely different experience.
The Ox (43 Corn St, BS1 1HT)
Two Courses for £11.50 or Three Courses for £15
The Ox offers decidedly British cuisine in Bristol city centre. By their own admission, steak is at “the heart” of what they do, but the menu is actually incredibly eclectic and uses only the finest local produce. The lunch deal is pretty exhaustive, giving diners the choice of a quick two-course meal or a more luxurious three-course meal. The food itself is surprisingly varied too, with everything from White Russian ice cream and Ox cottage pie, to roasted cauliflower and blue sourdough crackers making up the lunch menu.
Beirut Mezze (13a Small Street, BS1 1DE)
£4.99 Lunch Mezze
Lebanese cuisine is very much on the rise in foodie circles, and with good reason. Offering the flexibility of Spanish tapas, but with the flavour and colour of the middle east, meze is a traditional experience given a contemporary twist by the expert chefs at Beirut Mezze. A dazzling fusion of tender meat, fish and chicken is prepared with a range of authentic spices and the result is something rich and delicious, but surprisingly healthy. Located in the centre of the city in a beautiful basement bistro, Beirut Mezze also offers a special lunch menu of just £4.99 per person. You'll get 6 different starters for your money, each offering a different flavour profile. The perfect affordable mid-week snack.
Glassboat Brasserie (Glassboat Brasserie, Welsh Back, BS1 4SB)
Sunday Lunch Two Courses for £19.50 or Three Courses for £25
Dining on the river is often seen as the height of decadence, but the Glassboat Brasserie offers an affordable lunch menu that sets it apart from other floating restaurants. The classic French cuisine is hearty and warming, big on flavour and is paired with an exceptional wine selection. The Sunday Lunch menu is the big draw, but during the week you can also order an omelette with a glass of wine for only £10 or a “Plats Rapides” of walnuts, fries and pork belly for £12.50 from Monday to Saturday.
The Cow Shed (44-46 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, BS8 2NH)
Three Courses for £13.95
The Cow Shed in the cosmopolitan village of Clifton is a carnivore's delight. Owner Adam Denton is passionate about meat and the peerless relationships he holds with the area's farmers mean the locally-sourced steaks and burgers you'll be experiencing at the Cow Shed are amongst the best in the city. The ethos of “simple things done well” is reinforced by a simple, but surprisingly varied menu and the three courses for £13.95 deal includes many of the staples that have made that menu so popular amongst Bristol's meat-eaters.
Lunch is the meal we so often choose to neglect because we're too busy to give it the time and attention it deserves. Hopefully, these wonderful lunch deals have given Bristol natives and tourists alike the desire to buck that trend and spend a little on a big lunch.