A night out at a fancy restaurant with friends can be pretty great, but do you know what’s even better? A good meal followed by even better drinks and a wild dance floor. Here’s a list of eight bars and restaurants in Leeds that you can hit up for great food, delicious drinks, and the best playlists.

Revolución de Cuba

There’s nothing better than going for a drink after a rough day, and Revolución de Cuba is the perfect spot to forget your troubles for an evening. If you show up on a Friday, between 3 and 7 PM, you can enjoy happy hour and some stellar 2-4-1 cocktails. The cantina offers up some classic dishes, like fresh ceviche, and they even have a lunch special: two courses from £9.95.
Once you’ve had your fill of food (and I won’t say drink, because I assume there will be more after dinner), it’s time for dancing! Revolución de Cuba has live music every Friday, and with the 2-4-1 special on cocktails, this is not a venue to be missed!

The Pit

The Pit is a cozy indoor venue where you can settle in for a drink with friends. They serve many diverse and delicious beers, as well as specialty cocktails, such as the “Gin and Juice.” If you’re looking for food, The Pit serves dishes ranging from classic pub fare to full meals, so you certainly won’t go hungry! With its dark atmosphere and relaxed vibes, The Pit is the perfect place to go for a fun night out.

The Alchemist

If you’re in the market for a truly wild and magical night out, look no further than The Alchemist. Located on Hardman Street in Manchester, The Alchemist cultivates a contemporary style modeled after its dark, 19th century self. Their master mixologists are sure to show you and your friends a unique and tasty evening.

Soul Kitchen at the Wardrobe

The Wardrobe has a little bit of everything, drinks, quality food, and live music—it’s yet another great choice for a solid night out. The Wardrobe consistently provides live entertainment, so whether you’re there for a meal or a quick drink, you’ll probably end up wanting to stick around for the show.

Tiger Tiger Leeds

Tiger Tiger boasts that they’re the “ultimate party venue,” and from a brief glance at their website you can see why! No matter the location, Tiger Tiger provides plenty of space, delicious drinks and food, as well as an awesome soundtrack to your evening out. At the Leeds location, Tiger Tiger has a whopping eight bars and six dancefloors to choose from, any one of them ready and able to give you a proper night out.

Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen

The owners of the Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen want to provide artists and performers with a unique and inspirational venue, so you can probably guess at how fun this place must be. Not only is the music and live performances exceptional, but you can also treat yourself to a good drink and quality food. “Dough Boys” serves fresh, homemade pizza, which could only make your night better.


Get away from it all at the underground bar, Distrikt on Duncan Street. They have award-winning chefs on staff to serve up incredible tapas (like king prawns and chorizo with mixed peppers, white wine, and lemon), and delicious craft cocktails. In addition, they always try to have the world’s finest DJs and musicians on hand to really make your time there truly memorable.

The Faversham

“The Fav” is famous for starting Leeds’ music scene. It’s been host to many famous musicians, like The Clash, and continues to book talented artists like the Arctic Monkeys. Come for the music, stay for the food! When you’re not standing around in awe of the performance, you can get some fresh, locally sourced meals as well as an awesome selection of craft beers and ales.
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