Being a vegetarian and wanting to go out to eat can be tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled an awesome selection of vegan and vegetarian restaurants you can find in Leeds! Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Roots and Fruits
While a lot of people conceive of vegetarianism as being a relatively new trend, Roots and Fruits has been serving Leeds for over 20 years. That’s 20 years of experience cooking up vegetarian options for the community! Take a seat outside, enjoy the fresh air, and indulge in one of the healthiest, tastiest meals around. Serving up all the classics like falafel, lasagna, and more, Roots and Fruits is one vegetarian spot you won’t want to miss.


Don’t let the name fool you, Humpit is a must-visit if you’re looking for a new vegetarian option. Having traveled extensively in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the owners of the Humpit know their hummus and pitas. Grab a large group of friends and gather around a dramatically meal-sized bowl of hummus, tear yourself off a warm bit of pita and dig in.

Global Tribe Café

Located on Swan Street in Leeds, the Global Tribe Café is a safe, positive, community oriented café offering 100% vegetarian fare. All of their food is sourced locally and ethically, offering a wide variety of breakfast and lunch foods! Pop in for breakfast to enjoy some scrambled tofu on toast with a hot cup of tea, or treat yourself to some raw vegan cheesecake.


Craft beer, Indian food, and no meat? Sign us up! After spending some time as a pop-up and taking over restaurants, Bundobust finally set up shop on Mill Hill in 2014. Inspired by the vibrant, complex flavors of India, Bundobust is one of the most exciting vegetarian options in the area.

Grub and Grog

Grub and Grog is a bit of a catch-all spot. It’s got food, drink, outdoor seating in the warmer months, and an excellent selection of vegetarian options. So, take a seat, boot-up the free wi-fi, and order yourself some fresh veggies. Or some fresh bread with jam. Eating out not for you? Not to worry, this place even does takeaway.


Voted best Indian cuisine two years in a row, Tharavadu is a Michelin recommended restaurant located at Mill Hill in Leeds. Quoted on their website, people can’t seem to say enough good things about this place! The food is excellent and the atmosphere is welcoming. Tharavadu offers authentic Kerala cuisine prepared by “...the hands of chefs who learned the first lessons [these] traditional Nair Tharavadu.”


Do you enjoy the classic deli vibes, but have a hard time finding the right dietary options for you? If so, you will love Nichols Vegetarian Delicatessen! With a variety of sandwiches, salads, and light lunches, Nichols cooks up fresh, locally sourced vegetarian options. You can also pick up some food to-go!

Rola Wala

Appearing on a “Best of London Street Food” list on Buzzfeed, Rola Wala is an exciting new option for vegetarians that can’t get enough of flavorful food. Starting in India and ending in the UK, owner Mark Wright serves up nutritious bowls of spicy goodness.


Dedicated to the loveliness of Yorkshire, Wapentake is an artisan bakery, café, and bar. While not exclusively vegetarian, Wapentake does try to offer vegetarian versions of every dish that includes meat. Now that’s a commitment. Per their website, this restaurant is “grumpy old man, child, and dog friendly.”

That Old Chestnut

That Old Chestnut is not a physical shop, but if you’re a vegetarian in need of a cake or dessert for a veggie-friendly event, than this is the place for you. Located off Meanwood Road, That Old Chestnut bakes absolutely gorgeous cakes for most any occasion.

Ecco Pizza

Seriously, who doesn’t love pizza? Ecco Pizza isn’t any ordinary pizza place, they believe in fresh ingredients and hard work, using seasonal ingredients, sourced locally, with nothing artificial in the mix. Get some hot, cheesy pizza and be at peace.
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