Top Michelin Star Restaurants in London 2014


The list of Michelin Star restaurants has been updated for 2014. This year sees some interesting new additions to the world’s most prestigious list of dining establishments, as well as some old names proving that they are still worthy of recognition. Here is a quick overview of the best places to eat in London.

1. Gordon Ramsay, Chelsea

The Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is the flagship restaurant in the Gordon Ramsay group which was founded by the popular celebrity chef. This restaurant has held a three Michelin star rating since 2001. Head chef Clare Smyth has been a fixture at the restaurant since 2008, and serves a mixture of classic Gordon Ramsay dishes and modern French dishes made in her own signature style.

2. Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Mayfair

Located at The Dorchester, a legendary hotel on Park Lane, Alain Ducasse’s restaurant offers the ultimate fine dining experience. Executive Chef Jocelyn Herland prepares modern and refined takes on Ducasse’s fine cuisine, with the French and Vegetarian dishes being particularly popular. The dining room was designed by Patrick Juin, and offers a visual treat for interior design lovers.

3. Waterside Inn, Bray

Multi-award winning restaurant The Waterside Inn accurately describes itself as a temple to food. The atmosphere alone makes it easy to understand why this is a three Michelin star holding dining establishment. The restaurant is perfect for those looking for a quiet and enjoyable dining experience for couples and families with children over the age of 12. The menu is updated to suit the changing of the season, and the chefs soffer a combination of traditional Gallic hospitality and a modern take on French cuisine. The Waterside Inn is not suitable for younger children.

4. The Fat Duck, Bray

Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant The Fat Duck is a three Michelin star restaurant that offers a multisensory dining experience for lovers of fine food. Blumenthal aims to bring a sense of theatre to your dining experience, and expose patrons to the rich and exciting world of culinary history. The tasting menu gives diners the chance to sample a whole new world of tastes, textures and smells. To fully enjoy the menu, expect to devote a full evening to the dining experience. Smaller lunch time menus are also available.

5. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal is a recent addition to the ranks of Michelin star holders. This two star restaurant features Ashley Palmer Watts as the head chef. Dinner was opened just two years ago, and offers a varied menu including historically inspired dishes and unique new interpretations on classic cuisine. Many diners recommend the Frumenty – a grilled octopus dish with smoked sea broth and pickled dulse and lovage.

6. The Greenhouse, Mayfair

The Greenhouse is another recent addition to the ranks of Michelin star holding restaurants. Chef Arnaud Bignon combines contemporary cooking techniques with a traditional French culinary background to offer diners a truly exquisite dining experience that even the harshest of food critics love. The Greenhouse is most definitely a high-status restaurant, but it does a tremendous job of serving traditional status foods such as foie gras and scallops in imaginative ways. If you want to go star spotting, or impress a guest, take them to The Greenhouse.