The Best Restaurants in Norwich for Vegans and Vegetarians


Veganism in the east of England is on the rise, particularly in Norwich, where the Norwich Vegans society have been extolling the virtues of a vegan lifestyle for 5 years now. With an annual vegan Christmas market and a range of exclusively vegan and vegetarian cafes and restaurants, not to mention a range of restaurants that strive to cater for cruelty-free diners, Norwich is fast becoming one of the UK’s most popular vegan cities.

Wild Thyme (Labour in Vain Yard, NR2 1JD)

Situated in the heart of the city, Wild Thyme is one of the few exclusively vegan cafes in Norwich and is a favourite relaxed lunch spot amongst the city’s younger denizens. Also stocking an array or organic teas, wines, beers and house cocktails and with a menu of classic vegan staples amongst more exotic fare, all made daily using fresh ingredients, Wild Thyme is a casual cafe with bare brick walls, wooden floors and an open courtyard.

The Tipsy Vegan (68-70 St Benedicts Street, NR2 4AR)

Whilst the name suggest a drinkers paradise, The Tipsy Vegan, situated on Benedicts Street in the historic Lanes in the centre of Norwich, is actually a hidden gem specialising in vegan comfort food. Of course, if you also enjoy the occasional cocktail, they’ll be more than happy to indulge you. A 100% vegan establishment, The Tipsy Vegan is run by vegan entrepreneurs Cheryl and Michelle, who began the cafe as a stall on Norwich Market before expanding in recent years.

YO! Sushi (403 Chaplefield Plain, Chaplefield, NR2 1SZ)

Whilst the idea of a vegan sushi restaurant sounds rather farfetched, YO! Sushi (located in the Chapelfield Mall) has always been a forward-thinking chain. Their new vegan menu is surprisingly extensive and features not only vegan versions of favourite dishes (katsu curry, yakisoba, ramen and more) but completely original vegan dishes like the inari taco and the mushroom teriyaki burger.

Erpingham House (22 Tombland, NR3 1RF)

Not only a 100% plant-based restaurant, but also plastic, carbon (they plant hundreds of trees every month) and mostly gluten-free, Erpingham House is an incredibly unique restaurant. Passionate about healthy and tasty food and located in a gorgeous grade 2 listed building in the historic Tombland area of Norwich city centre, right by the city cathedral, Erpingham House is not just a bar and restaurant but a place to share ideas and a place for the city’s vegan community to grow and flourish. Named for the family that once owned the house in 1890, it’s fast becoming a local institution for committed vegans and curious diners alike.

Namaste India (2A Opie St, NR1 3DN) 

Taking traditional Indian dining back to its roots, Namaste is a true vegetarian and vegan family-run Indian restaurant that serves authentic cuisine free of the additives and cloying butter that you’ll find in most modern Indian dining establishments. This food isn’t just fragrant and spicy, but healthy to boot and is served in an incredibly cosy and colourful environment. All of the dishes are also cooked from scratch, so can be adapted to each individual spice level.

River Green Café (The Street, Trowse Newton, NR14 8AH)

Since 2011, River Green Cafe has been serving cruelty and exploitation-free food and drink to the denizens of Trowse Newton, the idyllic village located just south of Norwich. The food is exclusively made from scratch with no processing and is all 100% vegan and vegetarian. Located in a converted bakery, River Green was created by two equally passionate partners - vegan business pioneer Mike Hill and landlord Jan Wise. Today, chef Chris Avey has taken the reins and has managed to expand the menu to create something truly unique. From tacos and buffalo wings to homemade hummus and more, you’ll never get the same meal twice at River Green.

Bill’s (2-10 Back of the Inns, NR2 1PT)

A rare chain with a genuine heart and soul, not to mention quirk, Bill’s in Norwich is situated slap bang in the centre of the historic city right by the iconic market and is spread across two luxurious and vibrant floors. Bill’s vegan menu ticks all the boxes, with a selection of filling plant-based options. The Wild Mushroom Soup, Bill’s Wellington and the Butternut Squash, Turmeric and Coconut Curry are all favourites. They even serve vegan ice cream!

This is just the tip of the iceberg as there are over 30 restaurants in Norwich that offer either exclusively vegan cuisine or extensive vegan options. The vegan revolution is at hand and Norwich is not a city to be left behind.

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