greek Cuisine

Greek food is delicious, nourishing, and made with as many fresh ingredients as the chef can lay their hands on. When dining at a Greek restaurant, expect to see lots of fresh vegetables on the menu as well as fish, meat (lamb in particular) and traditional feta cheese.

Dishes are often simple, but flavourful with plenty of herbs and spices, both fresh and dry, used sparingly. It’s one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, due to its focus on fresh, wholesome ingredients, but the flavours might have you believe otherwise!

Greek food is also often served with a hearty dose of Greek dancing, music, laughter and conversation, which is why it is one of our favourite foods to eat. Luckily for us, we don’t have to jump on a plane to sample authentic Greek as we have some incredible Greek restaurants right on our doorstep.

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What Kind of Food Can You Expect on a Greek Menu?

Greek food is varied and delicious, encompassing everything from fresh and crisp salads to rich and hearty stews. Some typical dishes you might expect to find at your local Greek restaurant include stifado, dolmades, gyros, spanakopita, and keftedes, just to name a few!

Stifado is a rich meat stew with a delicious, slightly sweet but very intense tomato sauce which includes onions, bay leaf, and often just a dash of wine. In the warmer months, you’ll find it served up with orzo or egg pasta, but it can also be enjoyed with mashed potato for a real comfort food dish.


Dolmades is one of our favourite Greek dishes. Succulent young vine leaves are stuffed with rice, vegetables and plenty of delicious herbs. They’re typically a vegetarian dish, but you might also find them stuffed with mince, which are just as delicious!

Keftedes is a traditional Greek meatball dish which is often served as part of a meze (a collection of finger-foods). They are typically served with pita breads and a refreshing tzatziki dip made from yoghurt and cucumber.

Spanakopita is a wonderfully light yet rich spinach pie. Sheets of crispy filo pastry and filled with a feta, spinach, onion and egg filling - it’s a delicious vegetarian option for lunch or dinner. For the carnivores the gyro, or gyros, is a must-try! Meat cooked to perfection on a rotisserie is served wrapped in a flatbread with tomato, onion and tzatziki sauce for a delicious on-the- go meal.

That only just scratches the very surface of Greek cuisine, though. If you have a sweet tooth, then Greek desserts are a must try. Our favourites include baklava; sheets of filo pastry filled with nuts and honey, Loukoumades; fried dough balls smothered in honey and cinnamon, and Kourabiedes; a light almost shortbread that you’ll find served up during the holiday season. Delicious.

Why Choose a Greek Restaurant?

Greek restaurants are the perfect choice for every occasion. They offer flavourful dishes ranging from salads to stews, and some of the most decadent desserts you’ll ever try! Greek restaurants often have a cosy, homely, feel which mimics the atmosphere that you would find in Greece. From lively evenings full of meze, music and laughter, to a casual lunch time feast, you can’t go wrong with Greek!

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