lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese cuisine is the blissful marriage of the European cuisine and the eastern spices. If you are into diverse, mouth-wateringly tasty, and exotic tastes then you must try one of our Lebanese restaurants.

If you’ve not tried Lebanese food before, then you are missing out. This Middle-Eastern cuisine is packed with fresh ingredients, bags of flavour and is healthy to boot. Lebanese food has been greatly influenced by its history. Being ruled by a number of foreign powers, it’s no surprise that you’ll find hints of other cuisines in their dishes.

The Ottoman Turks introduced olive oil, fresh bread, baklava (a sticky, sweet, pastry), laban (homemade yoghurt), stuffed vegetables, nuts, and made lamb more popular. The French introduced flan and buttery croissants, and, during their travels across the country, the Lebanese moved rice, dates, exotic spices and herbs such as oregano, garlic, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon, and vegetables. The result is a wonderfully diverse cuisine with a range of dishes to suit every taste.


What to Order at a Lebanese Restaurant?

Bread is a staple in the Lebanese diet, and is served with almost every meal. Crisp, fresh, flat breads and pita breads drizzled with olive oil or dipped in hummus are a must-have either as a start or as part of your mezze or main meal. For those who like to try a little of everything, mezze is the thing to order. A mezze can include as many as forty small hot and cold dishes. They’re presented all at once and can be enjoyed as a meal shared between friends or family, or as a starter.

Typical dishes included in a mezze include hummus, stuffed vine leaves, hot and cold salads, kebabs, grilled meat and seafood. It’s the perfect introduction to this exciting cuisine. If a mezze doesn’t tickle your fancy, mains often include grilled lamb, chicken, or fish and a hearty dose of fresh veggies. Sambouse is one of our personal favourites; a pastry stuffed with cheese or minced lamb, onions and pine nuts.

Traditional kebabs and stuffed peppers are also a delicious choice for a main course. For dessert, you’ll often find fresh fruit platters alongside treats such as baklava. Typically associated with Greek cuisine, Lebanese Baklava is prepared with pistachio nuts and rose water syrup as opposed to walnuts and honey. Finish your meal off with Ahweh; a strong and thick coffee, or Lion’s milk which is a colourless alcohol flavoured with star anise.


Why Visit a Lebanese Restaurant?

The Lebanese are renowned for their warm and friendly demeanor, so visiting a Lebanese restaurant sometimes feels like being welcomed home after a long time away. They make the perfect venue for social gatherings where the food is plentiful, and so is the drink. Expect a lively atmosphere with plenty of chatter and music.

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