steakhouse Cuisine

Is there anything better than a juicy steak that’s cooked to absolute perfection?

Here at The Restaurant Choice, we don’t think there is! From the butter-soft fillet, to the mighty t-bone, and flavoursome rib-eye, there’s a steak for every appetite!  From the juiciest beef to the freshest fish, all of our restaurants take pride in delivering the finest food and warmest welcomes.

What is a Steak House?

IA steak house is a restaurant whose speciality is steaks. You’ll often find traditional beef steaks alongside chops and dishes such a prime rib and veal. but this doesn’t mean that you won’t find anything that isn’t a steak on the menu. In fact today, it’s quite the opposite. There’s often a minimum of one vegetarian dish, as well as seafood and poultry options, too.

What are the Common Steak Cuts?

When you visit a steak house, you’ll be faced with a menu full of different cuts of steak. The cut can influence everything from size, to flavour, and texture.


Our personal favourite, this cut comes from between the ribs and is incredibly flavoursome due to the light marbling of fat.


The most tender cut of steak available.


Very similar to the T-bone but with more tenderloin.


Considered one of the most flavoursome cuts of beef. It tends to be a much larger cut than the other types of steak. Good value.



The best of both worlds! A steak which has sirloin on one side of the bone and fillet on the other.


Another tender cut which benefits from a light marbling of fat for a good depth of flavour.


Why Visit a Steak Restaurant?

You can expect an inviting atmosphere and relaxing environment, which makes it perfect for everything from lunch with friends to a romantic date. In a specialised steak restaurant, you’ll often find cuts of meat that you might not be familiar with. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and will be happy to offer advice and recommendations based on your taste preferences.

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